Showering is a rare moment all to yourself – your daily “me-moment”. Whatever your special style – whether you’re a Singer, a Multi-tasker… or just enjoy the peace and quiet – Oras is dedicated to perfecting that moment. 

Advanced solutions: Oras introduces a mobile app for the maintenance of electronic faucets

With the new Oras App, it is now possible to quickly adjust the settings of the faucet to altered user requirements and to service them at the touch of a button.

Next generation: Hybrid faucets

Touchless faucets are a good solution for people in all ages, but there are situations in life when the touchless functionality simply is not enough – e.g. when you need to fill up the sink.

Oslo Airport chooses Oras again - Quality and reliability crucial

Touchless solutions from Oras Norway were chosen when Oslo Airport was extended 20 years ago, and chosen again for Terminal 2 when it was officially opened 27th of April 2017. “We are indeed very...

New Oras 3S-Installation system

Together with the new Oras Safira we launch a unique installation system that facilitates professionals’ daily work. From now on installation of faucets is safe, quick and easy.

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