Oras Safira has been one of our most popular faucet ranges for many years offering an ideal faucet for every setting in this wide selection. The revised Oras Sarifa updates the design without compromises on usability, price or reliability.

Allas Sea Pool is open - Oras as a partner
09.09.2016 — Oras

Allas Sea Pool was opened in the heart of Helsinki by the Market Square on September 1st. The unique complex brings together swimming, saunas, urban culture and sustainable development in the best...

Swedbank Head Office, Vilnius, Lithuania

The modern office building consists of two 15 and 16 story structures and of a third lower structure, comprising of two blocks.

Oras represents innovative health care hygiene

In nursing, hospital hygiene covers all those procedures that aim to decrease the spreading of pathogens during treatment. Hand hygiene is important in preventing the spreading of infections. Good...

New Oras 3S-Installation system

Together with the new Oras Safira we launch a unique installation system that facilitates professionals’ daily work. From now on installation of faucets is safe, quick and easy.

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