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Environment & Recycling

More for less.

At the risk of sounding rather naive, we dare to say that at Oras, we love water like some people might love, say, gold. Naive or not, this love affair is why we create no technology without its foundation in ecology. It all actually dates back to 1976; the year that we created our first single lever faucet, strictly designed to save water and energy.  Then, as early as in the 1990s, Oras presented the touchless, electronic faucets to the European HVAC markets.  The ambition to develop technologically advanced and water saving solutions became the core of Oras, the ideology which have strived us to create the most user friendly and contemporarily designed faucets. So that you can best enjoy the great luxury called water - the most valuable commodity in the world.

Oras sets an example when it comes to reconciling modern technology with green values. In addition to metal and composite technology, Oras is the market leader of electronic faucets and has introduced microprocessor-controlled touchless faucets since the beginning of 1990’s. Electronics enhances safety, adds smart operating features, improves ease-of-use and hygiene, and prevent the waste of water by up to 50 % compared to more traditional faucets.

We develop our environmental know-how according to the principle of continuous improvement. Our goal is to achieve “more for less” over the entire life cycle of our products and to prevent any damage to the environment from our operations. All our work has internal and external stakeholders at the core, and the environmental systems cover the whole process from product development to after-sales service. We openly provide reliable information on quality and environmental standards.

Substantial investments and utilization of the best technology available are necessary to minimize the environmental impact of the manufacturing processes used in several of Oras's operations.


As Oras is an environmentally responsible company, we hope that all products will be disposed of appropriately at the end of their life. One important principle of our environmental program is to recycle all materials. Materials that cannot be recycled should be utilized for energy production.

The main material used in faucets is brass, which can be recycled. The best way of disposing of used products at the end of their life cycle is to bring them to the nearest metal recycling site.

The plastic we use in our products is mainly thermoplastic and therefore recyclable. An exception are plastic shower hoses, which are made of PVC plastic. They can be disposed of at a landfill site.

Nearly all our packaging material is fiber-based and recyclable. The plastic parts can be incinerated and utilized as energy.