Oras kitchen novelties

A beautiful and functional kitchen makes everyday life and chores better. Oras kitchen novelties combine ease-of-use, eco-friendliness and outstanding design.

New Oras Optima - The faucet that will revolutionize your kitchen

Oras is Europe's leading in touchless faucet technology. This spring they launched Oras Optima, a hybrid faucet where design meets functionality in an innovative way that will change your kitchen...

Touchless = Less Bacteria

The most common migration routes for microbes spreading contact infections are from hands and surfaces. By installing touchless faucets in home and workspace you disrupt both routes.

Do you have the correct type of batteries in your Oras battery-operated faucet?

Oras battery-operated faucets require Lithium batteries. To guide our customers better a new warning label will be affixed to the battery case of selected battery-operated products from May 2018...

Oras touchless faucets

As the forerunner of advanced sanitary fittings, Oras introduced some of the first touchless faucets on the market almost 30 years ago. The trailblazing company is today the leading brand in touchless and electronic faucets. Touchless faucets save water and energy while also improving hygiene in both public and household use. 

New Oras 3S-Installation system

Together with the new Oras Safira we launch a unique installation system that facilitates professionals’ daily work. From now on installation of faucets is safe, quick and easy.

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