Tips for choosing the best faucet solution for bathrooms

The Oras faucet collection offers a wide range of alternatives – from basic models to electronic smart versions. With an updated faucet, the bathroom becomes not just more functional but also gets a...


Remote operated Oras Smart Bidetta hand shower

The new generation Oras Smart Bidetta is the perfect product for personal hygiene. The remote operated Bidetta does not require the washbasin faucet to be opened – it works by pressing the hand shower...


Next generation: Hybrid faucets

Touchless faucets are a good solution for people in all ages, but there are situations in life when the touchless functionality simply is not enough – e.g. when you need to fill up the sink.


Emptying the Oras summer house faucet for winter season

As summer has now turned to autumn it’s important to start organizing the summer house ready for the winter season. A well-prepared maintenance in the autumn helps to prevent repairs for the following...


Triathlete Kaisa Sali: Towards the dreams at full speed – strain and relaxation in balance

Kaisa Sali is one of Finland’s best endurance athletes and at the top level of her sport globally. Sali has, for instance, won the European Championships, as well as silver and bronze in the World...


What’s your shower persona?

We understand that showering is not merely a practical, daily task, but an essential and enjoyable experience – one that adds to the quality of your daily life.


Musta Ovi -blog: inspiring Finnish design and decoration

Musta Ovi (Black Door) is a blog inspired by Scandinavian minimalism. It shares ideas and inspiration on quality, design and decoration, with reasonable budget. See what the blogger has to tell about...


Trends are guiding the design work of sanitary fittings

Oras' products combine timelessness and trends. Megatrends are even reflected in classical products that have been subtly modernized in response to changing preferences and a changing world.

For planning

Warm water for the summer house

Many summer house owners appreciate having convenient and practical solutions at their summer house, such as running water and sewer system, shower, indoor toilet or covered outside kitchen.


Finnish blogger Varpunen tested the new Safira range

”That faucet is as old as I am”. Interior stylist Susanna Vento remembers Safira from her childhood as a product you can trust. Read more on Varpunen’s thoughts about the renewed classic!


Live More with Oras

Hello spring! Oras is all about living better and more. The renewed Oras brand, based on the new Live More concept, is now live and can be seen on our new website and other touchpoints – along with...