Touchless = Less Bacteria

The most common migration routes for microbes spreading contact infections are from hands and surfaces. By installing touchless faucets in home and workspace you disrupt both routes.


Two Polish families tested Oras touchless faucets at home — and now we have the results!

Paulina and Barbara, members of our two Polish test families, admitted that they only came across electronic touchless faucets in public buildings such as offices or shopping centers. They now both...


Touchless test results in Finland: Oras Touchless faucet reduces water consumption without you even noticing it

Sanna saw the test family recruitment post at Oras’ Facebook page and she tells that she wanted her family to participate to help reduce the water consumption and test the user friendliness of...


Experiences of testing a touchless faucet at home - the Finnish family

At the end of 2017 Oras Finland had a post in Facebook where we searched for a family to test one of our touchless faucet. We received a delightful amount of applications from which Grundströms, a...


Our Oras family with touchless faucets at home – The Swedish family - Part 2

The Henriksson family from Ingarö, have acquired new habits both in the kitchen and in the bathroom when using water. You can read more here about what they think about switching to touchless faucets.


Our Oras family with touchless faucets at home – The Swedish family - Part 1

The Henriksson family from Ingarö won the Swedish competition to become our Oras family testing touchless faucets at home. Here you can read more about our family and their thoughts ahead of the...


We now have a touchless faucet – and we are keeping it! The Danish family - Part 3

The Danish test family has now completed the test of the Oras touchless faucet – with success. Their water consumption has lowered and they have started to getting used to faucet – and loves it!


Becoming a Touchless family - The Danish family - Part 2

After changing from a single lever faucet to an Oras touchless faucet, the family is now starting to get used to the new faucet – especially the kids, they love the idea that the family is now saving...


Going Touchless – The Danish family - Part 1

The Danish Oras test family didn’t have much experience with touchless faucets beforehand, but the fact that their friends had a touchless faucet helped the family making the decision to become an...


How to wash your hands right?

Did you know the average handwashing time is less than 2 seconds? Keep that in mind next time you shake someone's hand! Proper hand wash is arguably the single best thing you can do to prevent your...


Want to get rid of those nasty bacteria? We can help you!

Good hand hygiene is vital when it comes to limiting the spread of bacteria. By washing your hands properly you can lower the risk of catching the flu or other things.


Do you want to know the secret behind our Oras touchless faucets – and why they make for an excellent choice?

Our touchless faucets come in different designs but at the core you will find the same reliable technology which is a result from decades of experience.