Brushing your teeth takes 19 liters of water 20.03.2018 — Blog

Water is not in short supply in the Nordics. At least not yet. However, we use a lot of water. Only by brushing your teeth while leaving the water on, consumes 19 liters of water. March 22nd is United Nations' World Water Day. Why not celebrate it by making tiny changes to your life and save loads of water?

  •  The best way to save water is to make it easy. The changes to people's behavioral patterns must be very small, and the changes should apply for the entire household. Simple utility updates, like installing touchless faucets can reduce your water wastage with as much as 50 per cent. 

Here are three ways that saves a lot of water without making big sacrifices:

  1. Take shorter showers. A normal shower uses more than 12 liters of water per minute. If you cut time in the shower from 10 to 5 minutes every day, your water consumption would drop by 22 thousand liters every year. Installing showers with a low-flow option, such as the Oras EcoFlow, you can remarkably save water without even noticing it.
  2. Turn water off when brushing teeth or shaving. You use about 19 liters of water if you leave the water running while brushing your teeth. Every time! For the average [Norwegian|Fin|Swede|Dane] this accumulates to 13,8 thousand liters every year.
  3. Install touchless faucets in your home. Most of your household's water waste derives from faucets running for no reason. Touchless faucets automatically stop the water flow when you remove your hands, toothbrush, razor, water glass or cooking pan. In other words: water flows only when you need it to. Studies conducted by Oras have shown that touchless faucets could reduce your water wastage with as much as 50 per cent.

Why bother?

Water scarcity is not as pressing in the Nordic countries as elsewhere in the world. Reducing over-consumption of water is still important for many reasons:

  • Water conservation is the most cost-effective and environmentally sound way to reduce our demand for water.
  • Although water is used all over the world to generate electricity, using less water actually conserves a vast amount of energy annually.
  • Using less water reduces pressures on our sewage and drainage system, leading to reduced maintenance cost.
  • Water conservation helps prolong the lifespan of lakes and rivers that are crucial to health of ecosystems around the world.
  • And… you save money on the water bill! 

Be inspired by World Water Day and contribute to water conservation by making small changes to your everyday life. How much are you willing to change?

Water is worth saving

This year is the start of the international decade for the action “Water for sustainable development” that will last until 2028. Water is worth loving. Water is also worth saving.

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