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Cutting your shower by one second is worth 1.5 hours of battery life on a 13-inch Mac Book Air

How to cut your water waste at the source

Bathrooms are the rooms where we use – and waste – the most water. Take the simple act of brushing your teeth – if you leave your bathroom faucet running, that’s 19 litres of water. Every time. And...

Bathroom hygiene is an essential step in keeping our families safe and healthy.

How to prepare your bathroom for cold and flu season

A guide to preventing harmful microbes from invading your faucet, washbasin, shower and your entire bathroom area.

How Hybrid faucets can solve all your kitchen needs

How Hybrid faucets can solve all your kitchen needs

Ok, it won’t cook for you, but it will give you touchless and manual functionality along with precise temperature control all in one kitchen faucet.