Keep your faucet sparkling clean 28.08.2018 — Blog

Whether it is in the bathroom or a kitchen, a clean faucet is important to the overall freshness perception of the room. But cleaning is also maintenance. Make sure you clean it right, and the faucet will stay fresh for ages. Here's how:

In general, the same rules apply to cleaning faucet surfaces as to cleaning the painted surfaces on other domestic appliances.

Use the right detergent

There's a jungle out there! When standing in your local store, in front of the detergent shelf, there are hundreds of different detergents to choose from. Which brand you prefer is up to you, but make sure you use a neutral or mild alkaline (pH 6-9) liquid solvent when cleaning your faucets.

Clean your faucet – step-by-step

Familiarize yourself with the cleaning instructions supplied with your faucet. Before you start cleaning, you should always read the solvent instructions. Different manufacturers use different cleaning agents in their products. To get the wanted result you should follow product's instructions. Make it a habit to use gloves to protect your hands.

Step 1: Dampen a sponge or soft cloth with the solvent solution. Never use a spray bottle to apply solvent to your faucet!

Step 2: Wipe the faucet thoroughly.

Step 3: Rinse with plenty of clean lukewarm water. Make sure you remove all solvent residue.

Step 4: Finish by wiping the faucet dry with a soft cloth.

Don’t forget the aerator

It is easy to forget, but you should also clean the aerator on a regular basis for optimal water flow from the faucet. If you wonder, the aerator can be found from the tip of the spout where the water comes out. Here's how to clean it (and it's quite easy):

Step 1: Turn the faucet off

Step 2: Remove the aerator either with a small tool or with your fingers. Please note that some models require a special tool for removing the aerator.

Step 3: Brush it with a small brush, for instance a toothbrush

Step 4: Put the aerator in place.

That's it! Enjoy your clean faucets!

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