Let’s get Touchless 20.10.2017 — Touchless

We might as well admit it, we like things that are easy to use. And it’s even better if it’s got a cool gadget feeling to it – with a good-looking design. That’s why we say, “Let’s get Touchless” – the electronic touchless faucets from Oras are sophisticated technology wrapped in design. What more do you want?

If you are looking for more reasons to go touchless, here’s another: You can save up to 50 % of your water consumption when changing your traditional faucet to a touchless one – simply because the aerator let’s less water run through and mix it with air, so the amount of water won’t feel like less. Also, the fact that the faucet closes when the sensor is not activated adds to it. So, when going touchless you will also get water and energy savings – and at the same time help preserving the most precious resource on our planet! Clean water is a sparse resource that can’t be taken for granted and with Oras touchless faucets and their state-of-the-art sensor technology you will only consume the amount of water you actually need, no more.

A touchless faucet might sound a bit high-tech, but it’s not rocket science – it’s simply a faucet that lets the water flow when you need it – we’ll explain it, it really is quite simple.


So how does it work?

Our touchless faucets come in different designs but at the core you will find the same reliable technology which is a result from decades of experience. Did you know that Oras was one of the first faucet manufacturers to introduce touchless faucet technology to the market?  

The faucet reacts to the movement of your hands – and is not dependent of the light in the room. So, if you wake up at night and need to use the toilet you don’t need to turn on the lights. You can still wash your hands and wander back to bed – without being woken up by those blinding lights.

The technology behind this is called a PSD (Position Sensitive Detector) sensor, which allows you to use the faucet at any time of the day, not matter how dirty your hands might be.

Without getting too technical, the sensor sends a signal to the solenoid valve, which opens the faucet and the water starts flowing. And here’s the coolest thing about these faucets: when you are finished washing your hands and move out of the sensor range the water stops flowing. It won’t keep running when you need to run.


Live More

Now you know how it works, but have we mentioned all the benefits? You know about the water and energy savings. Design is a subjective thing but we guarantee that among Oras touchless product range there also one that will match your taste and style.

Here’s a few more things: it’s super easy to use, just put your hands under the faucet and start washing your hands – the kids will line up for cleaning up before dinner. With this kind of user-friendliness, it’s a breeze to take the hygiene to the next level.

It kind of lies in the word touchless, but when you don’t actually touch the faucet it’ll be one thing less for you to clean in the bathroom. No greasy hands on the lever, just choose which temperature you like your water to be and you’re all set. With less cleaning to do you’ll have more time for the important things in life – like spending time with family and friends. That’s what Oras enables you to do – to live life to the fullest with your loved ones – to Live More.


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