Looking for a helping hand in the bathroom? 26.02.2018 — Blog

A solution with an Oras faucet and a Bidetta hand shower brings you an easy fix to many of the little things that can be a challenge in the bathroom, such like:

  • Taking care of your personal hygiene after using the toilet
  • Quickly wash your hair in the wash basin
  • Fill up a flower vase or other tall containers
  • Clean e.g. shoes in the wash basin without making a mess

This multi-purpose hand shower will make your everyday life easier – and also lend you a helping hand when it comes to cleaning the bathroom.

Choose a combination of an Oras hybrid faucet and a Bidetta hand shower and you are ready to save water and energy as well. Curious to know how it works?

Want to know more about our hybrid solutions and how they work? Read more. They Bidetta hand shower is also available as a Smart remote solution – learn more.

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