Meant for each other: Oras Touchless faucets with Bidetta hand shower 15.11.2017 — Touchless

Society today is very focused on sustainability and recycling, so are we as a company – in all our processes. That would lead you to think that less is more, right? Not always – in this case more is actually much more. From our great selection of faucets and accessories, we have taken a couple of items and put them together – upcycled them if you like.


The faucet

It has been more than 30 years since we started making our touchless faucets – and if you have read the previous blog posts about touchless faucets, you already know how they work. If not, here’s a recap:

Our touchless faucets react to the movement of your hands – and are not dependent of the light in the room. This is all possible due to a patented PSD (Position Sensitive Detector) sensor, which allows you to use the faucet at any time of the day, no matter how dirty your hands might be.

The sensor sends a signal to the solenoid valve, which opens the faucet and the water starts flowing. And here’s the best thing: when you are finished washing your hands and move them out of the sensor range, the water stops flowing. It won’t run when you need to run.

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The hand shower

The versatile Bidetta hand shower saw the light in the 60’s. From the beginning, the handy hand shower was just meant to be an alternative to a bidet – but it turned out to be much more. The hand shower with a relative small size offers you a convenient way to:

·         Take care of your personal hygiene after using the toilet

·         Quickly wash your hair in the wash basin

·         Fill up a flower vase or other tall containers

·         Clean e.g. shoes in the wash basin without making a mess

This multi-purpose hand shower will make your everyday life easier – and lend you a helping hand when it comes to cleaning the bathroom.


A great combination

When combining the two function filled items, a touchless faucet and Bidetta hand shower, you get a truly great combination. You have the convenient touchless faucet that lets the water flow when you need it – and it’ll make sure to close the water after you when you have to run. This makes the faucet not only water saving but also very hygienic as you don’t have to touch it before washing or after washing your hands. At the same time, the sensor acts like a safety feature as it closes the faucets when it’s no longer activated.

So, how does the Bidetta hand shower work in combination with touchless faucet? The function lies in the sensor – it’s programmed to do different things depending on what you tell it to do – with your hand.

To activate the Bidetta hand shower you have to swiftly activate the sensor (max. 0.5 sec), then you push the trigger on the hand shower and the water is diverted to the hand shower. If you do not push the trigger the water will flow from the faucet. You can use the hand shower for up to 2 minutes before you have to re-activate the sensor. When you are finished using the hand shower you simply activate the sensor swiftly again (max. 0.5 sec) to let it know that you are done using the hand shower and the water will stop running.

To use just the faucet all you have to do is put your hands under the spout and the water starts flowing – it automatically closes when you no longer activate the sensor.

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