Our Oras family with touchless faucets at home – The Swedish family - Part 2 11.03.2018 — Touchless

The Henriksson family from Ingarö, the winners in our competition to become a test family for touchless faucets at home, have acquired new habits both in the kitchen and in the bathroom when using water. 

The greatest benefits of having touchless faucets at home

Oras Electra 6151F was installed in the bathroom. Simplicity when washing your hands in the washbasin is appreciated both by the family and by their friends. Hygiene is an important factor alongside reduced water consumption. Bacteria do not accumulate on a touchless faucet in the same way as on a traditional single-lever faucet, and they are also easier to keep clean, as there is no need to touch them. Lumi thinks the best thing about having touchless faucets at home is that when you wash your hands in the washbasin you don’t have to remove any soap from the faucet, it’s always nice and clean.

Oras Optima 2727F, which is a hybrid faucet, meaning that it has both a touchless function and levers for cold and hot water, was installed in the kitchen. The faucet also has a dishwasher valve, which closes automatically after 4 or 12 hours. The family thinks it is unbeatable for user-friendliness in the kitchen, for example when there are meatballs or chicken for dinner the faucet never becomes messy, all you have to do is put your hands under the faucet and wash them. Sebastian also tends to think that you save a lot of water when you rinse plates, it's good that the water is turned off as soon as you have finished.

As the kitchen faucet has a hybrid function, it is also very convenient for filling a saucepan with water. You then simply use the levers instead of the touchless function.



Both user-friendliness and water saving exceeded our test family's expectations. In the kitchen, it became considerably easier to prepare meals hygienically.

The Henriksson family are happy to recommend that friends and family switch to touchless faucets and have already received many comments about them not just being environmentally friendly and easy to use, but also having a very attractive and uncluttered appearance in the bathroom and kitchen.

How much water do you save by switching to touchless faucets?

You can save up to 50% on your water consumption in comparison with a traditional faucet. The amount of water saved in different homes depends on several factors.

This is how it turned out for the Henriksson family:

Water consumption in the washbasin was reduced by 37% compared to the traditional single-lever faucet that was replaced.

In the kitchen we replaced the traditional faucet with a hybrid faucet that can be used both manually and touchless (making it easy to fill a saucepan, for example). This means that water consumption is not reduced to the same extent as for a touchless washbasin faucet. The Henrikssons reduced their water consumption in the kitchen by 17%.

Energy for heating the water for equivalent faucets was also reduced during the metering period. 


The faucets that were chosen by the Henriksson family were:

In the kitchen, Oras Optima 2727F

In the bathroom, Oras Electra 6151F


You can read more about Oras touchless faucets here

To see the full range of touchless faucets click here 


Note: In the Municipality of Värmdö water costs around SEK 29 per cubic metre* (compared with Stockholm, where the cost of water is around SEK 8 per cubic metre*). This obviously means that even more is saved on the actual cost of water consumption.

*Water costs vary, see the municipalities’ websites for current prices.

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