Petite greatness – A small but well -designed kitchen can house great features 25.04.2018 — Blog

IF THERE IS A SHORTAGE OF SPACE in the kitchen, worktops and appliances should be placed on one wall in an I shape. This simple plan helps maximize the amount of worktop space and brings refrigeration equipment, the stove and the water point close together.

I-shaped kitchens are often connected to the living area as open kitchens, which emphasizes the importance of materials and faucets as part of interior design. Massive eye-catching designs may not be best suited for small spaces, but less pronounced faucets matching the dimensions of the space often work better.

Narrow spaces are suited for II-shaped kitchens, i.e. parallel kitchens with two I-shaped kitchens facing each other. Functions located close to each other on opposite walls make working in the kitchen efficient. That is why this model is the choice of many professional chefs. 

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