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An average of 3,000 faucets are manufactured at the Rauma, Finland plant every day.

Building durability into every faucet: How Oras faucets are made?

See how quality materials, expert craftsmanship and extensive testing make all the difference.

The top water-saving faucets of 2020

The top water-saving faucets of 2020

Shorter showers are just one way to reduce water waste in our homes. And with technology helping us to cut consumption by up to half, here is how these top-selling faucets can help you cut water...

Cutting your shower by one second is worth 1.5 hours of battery life on a 13-inch Mac Book Air

How to cut your water waste at the source

Bathrooms are the rooms where we use – and waste – the most water. Take the simple act of brushing your teeth – if you leave your bathroom faucet running, that’s 19 litres of water. Every time. And...