Thinking about upgrading your home? Here’s 3 inspiring trends to consider 15.11.2018 — Blog

Are you moving into a new house or just want to make some refreshing changes to your home? There’s a lot of decorating tips out there and many interior trends to consider. However, don’t feel overwhelmed. Interior upgrades can be fun, and small and easy changes can make a big difference!

1. Combine design and functionality

First and foremost, your home should reflect your personal taste and lifestyle. Functional design is becoming more and more popular, and with good reason. You shouldn’t have to compromise on design or functionality when decorating your home. When choosing solutions for your smart home, you should start with considering where you spend most of your time.

For many households, the kitchen is where the magic happens. This is the space where it’s important to combine functionality with design. Most faucets have standard dimensions, making them easily replaceable. Choosing a faucet with a pull-down spout with different spray options and a smart dishwasher valve, your efforts in the kitchen can be made fun and efficient. So why not invest in a new high-quality faucet, that becomes a functional masterpiece while meeting the practical needs of a modern lifestyle at the same time.

2. Creative sustainability

You shouldn’t just be thinking of trends and aesthetics when upgrading your home. According to Interior Zine’s trend predictions for 2019, making sustainable choices for your home is no longer just a preference, it’s also becoming a responsibility. However, being sustainable shouldn’t compromise on design. The same goes for our choice of faucets.

The new Oras Inspera collection offers elegantly shaped touchless faucets for your bathroom, giving you an eco-friendly option that saves both water and energy. Combining both design and sustainability, the Oras Inspera collection includes faucets featuring a fascinating Mikado®* spray. The spray makes artwork out of your water flow, while saving water at the same time.

3. Personalize your home

All tastes are different, and 2019 is all about embracing your own individual style when making interior choices for your home. Don’t be afraid to mix different styles, different materials and different colors – making your home your own. It may be a paradox; a trend to not following a specific trend - but were all for it! That’s why the new Oras Inspera collection, offers a wide variety of sizes, performance and comfort levels, ensuring that there’s a solution for every taste and every room - granting you more possibilities when planning your home.

In other words; embrace your own personal style and don’t compromise on functionality when choosing design. And finally, make sustainability a priority!

*Please note that the Mikado® spray provides a very low water flow of just 1.20 l/min

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