Tips for choosing the best faucet solution for bathrooms 09.10.2017 — Blog

The Oras faucet collection offers a wide range of alternatives – from basic models to electronic smart versions. With an updated faucet, the bathroom becomes not just more functional but also gets a new look. There are a few things that should be considered when updating a bathroom faucet.


1.      Users – Family of grownups or family with kids?

The first thing to do before choosing a faucet model is to consider the needs of its current and future users.

Oras Group Product Portfolio Manager Johanna Normiala advises that “It’s important to ponder who will be the one to use the faucet and what their needs are. For example, which features would make everyday life at home more easy and comfortable? Are there special wishes for ecology or get-at-able questions?”.

“A safe alternative for family with kids is, for example, the Oras Optima, which offers multiple faucet variants. Bathroom and kitchen faucets are available with eco button which not only limits the water consumption, but also limits the water temperature and that way are very safe and easy to use also by smaller kids. Touchless faucets are also available in this stylishly designed product line. Touchless faucets are easy-to-use and a safe option for families with kids”, Normiala continues.

For consumers who are looking for an ecological option in shower, Oras offers a special water-saving feature called EcoFlow. With EcoFlow-control the flow is consistently maintained at a rate that is both comfortable and ecological. Housing companies can on their behalf increase the environmental footprint by choosing Oras Green Building -products.

For those who love unique design, the best option may come from the ‘Alessi by Oras’ product line. The broad product range of Oras offers inspiration and solutions to all bathrooms.


2.      Technical questions

After user’s wishes and needs have been listed, it’s time to consider the technical questions. While decades ago the development of a single lever faucet revolutionized the faucet industry, today’s solutions are touchless faucets and smart products.

Oras has over 30 years of experience in electronic products. Today our touchless faucet product line is diverse and offers a range of options in multiple design styles. As an example Oras Optima and Oras Cubista with geometrical design language that fits to many modern bathroom environments. Oras Signa has more organic forms and has a hybrid control which means both touchless and single lever functions. New, modern design options can be found in Oras Electra range.

Touchless faucets are hygienic, ecological and easy to use. You can always get right amount of water with right temperature. For households with seniors, or families with kids, safety is of particular concern. In addition, due to touchless faucets’ design, they have fewer seams and are thus easier to clean. 

In Oras Optima range you can find also a rain shower system. This shower system is equipped with an accurate Oras thermostat that keeps the water temperature stable and has a safety stop that prevents water turning too hot. With EcoFlow-control the flow is consistently maintained at a rate that is both comfortable and ecological. 


3.      Special restrictions in the bathroom

Before making a final decision about choosing a faucet model, it’s good to talk with a professional about the bathroom’s special restrictions.

In Oras we have faucet models with different sizes, with different spouts and heights which makes it possible to find a solution for even more challenging bathrooms, for narrow spaces and small wash basin for example.

The recently updated Oras Smart Bidetta hand shower works remotely which means that the user doesn´t need to touch anymore the faucet to activate the Bidetta. Thus it can be installed even at a longer distance from the faucet.  Simply lift the Bidetta hand shower from the wall bracket and push the handle to get water flow. The thermostat keeps the water temperature stable during the washing time.  

Oras Medipro Flex hand shower provides an innovative ergonomic handle that makes the showering easier, especially when helping others. Positioning of the shower hose and handle adjusts the water flow automatically to point down.


4.      Interior design in bathrooms

Bathroom has become a second living room at home. People are spending more and more time in their bathroom for relaxation. Individual solutions are popular and the bathroom is designed to fit the whole atmosphere at home.

”Wellbeing, comfort, individuality, digitality  and responsibility are the main themes in bathroom design this year“ Normiala comments.


5.      Professional’s help for installation

To guarantee reliable operation of the faucet, installation work should be done by a professional. In housing companies, the faucet is considered as a part of the infrastructure and it is the company’s responsibility to ensure a faucet’s functionality.