Touchless faucets are safe and easy to use, and help save water and energy 10.12.2017 — Touchless

Despite being one of our most precious natural resources, water is often wasted. Touchless faucets make everyday life easier – and do so more ecologically. The water flow stops automatically when you take your hands from under the faucet, saving both water and energy.

Touchless faucets have proven their usefulness in public spaces, and are also an excellent choice for the home. Oras faucets are timeless and modern in design, and have been developed with comfort and durability in mind. They make water usage an enjoyable experience.

Oras touchless faucets not only improve hygiene, but also help save water and energy. You can cut your water consumption by as much as 50% by switching from conventional faucets to touchless ones. This is due to the nozzle allowing less water to pass through, while mixing air with the water to give the same feel as a larger quantity of water. The water flow stops automatically when the sensor is no longer activated.

Good hand hygiene is extremely important for preventing the spread of bacteria. This is especially so in the autumn, as winter approaches and the flu season is at hand. Touchless faucets are easy to keep clean, allowing for even greater hygiene. Not having to touch the faucet means it stays free of fingerprints and water drops. Home hygiene is also noticeably improved by preventing the spread of bacteria through direct contact with the faucet.

Safety is another advantage of touchless faucets, which is especially important in homes with children or elderly people. The sensor activates the water flow when it detects that there are hands under the tap, and shuts it off automatically when the hands are removed. A thermostat keeps the water at an even temperature.

Thanks to their convenience and eco-friendliness, touchless faucets are becoming increasingly popular in the home. However, there are times when a touchless function is not enough. Perhaps the basin needs to be filled, or you want cold drinking water. The solution? A hybrid faucet that combines the best features of a lever-operated faucet and a touchless one.

Using a hybrid faucet

Imagine preparing dinner in the kitchen. Let’s say you’re cooking pasta and meatballs, and things get pretty messy. With a hybrid faucet, everything in the kitchen becomes easier.

To cook the pasta, you can fill the saucepan with cold water using the lever of the faucet. After preparing the meatballs, you can easily wash your hands using the touchless function. This keeps the faucet clean. Using the touchless function gives you just the right pre-mixed combination of warm and cold water. Imagine the state of the faucet if you had just used the lever with your greasy hands! The touchless function makes cooking more hygienic, since there is no direct contact with hands that have just handled raw meat.

Oras touchless faucets

Oras hybrid faucets

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