Touchless = Less Bacteria 04.05.2018 — Blog

The most common migration routes for microbes spreading contact infections are from hands and surfaces. By installing touchless faucets in home and workspace you disrupt both routes.  

Every time you touch something with unclean hands bacteria are spread. And every time you touch something other people have touched with unclean hands their bacteria is transferred to you. How many times during a day are you in contact with doorknobs, money, handles on public transportation or buttons in elevators? That is a lot of germs! Perhaps surprisingly, faucets are just as bad. When you think about it, it makes sense: People are usually turning on the faucet when they need to wash hands, but every time they do bacteria are spread. There's basically a very good hygienic reason why hospitals, restaurants and public restrooms tend to use touchless faucets. Why not install touchless in your home as well? A study conducted by WANDER Nordic Water and Materials Institute has shown the levels of microbes on a touchless faucet could be as much as 98 per cent lower than on a manually operated faucet. 

In other words, installing touchless faucets in your home and in your workspace, you will actually reduce the spread of bacteria!  

You'll be less sick. By never touching the faucet you can wash your hands without being exposed to other people's germs. If you get sick the period will be shortened. Most potential infections are fought back by the immune system, but if it's already occupied fighting off another disease you are left vulnerable. Hence, fewer sick days and less agony for you, your family, friends and colleagues.  

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