Water is worth saving 22.06.2018 — Blog

This year is the start of the international decade for the action “Water for sustainable development” that will last until 2028.

Did you know that:

  • only 3 % of all water is fresh water and that only 1 % is available for drinking?
  • water scarcity already affects four out of every ten people?
  • by 2025 two thirds of the world’s population might face water shortages?
  • the causes of water scarcity can be physical, technical or economical?

In the Nordics, the beginning of the summer has been extraordinary warm and with very little rain. This has had an impact on the nature and also many people’s daily routines with regards to water consumption. The effects of climate change will increase the occurrence and intensity of extreme weather events, including prolonged droughts and severe floods. These events do not only affect water availability but floods, for instance, can also damage the water infrastructure, such as drainage and treatment facilities. 

Amidst these alarming scenarios, it is good to focus on concrete actions that each one of us can take – like saving water.

Using less water:

  • conserves water resources
  • reduces the amount of chemicals used for water treatment and purification
  • reduces the energy needed for pumping and distributing water
  • reduces the energy needed for heating water
  • reduces the amount of chemicals used for wastewater treatment
  • reduces wastewater discharges
  • saves money.

Water is worth loving. Water is also worth saving. Read our tips for saving water from our blog “Save water without a touch”.

Read more about the Sustainable Development Goals and the Goal #6 “Ensure access to water and sanitation for all” at http://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/water-and-sanitation/

Our commitment to sustainable use of water

When in the shower or washing your hands, the water often runs for longer than it has to. Yet water is one of the most valuable resources we have. Oras products are designed to function in an environmentally friendly and reliable manner for the entire duration of their long life cycle. Touchless faucets help you to save water and energy since the water flow stops automatically when the hands are removed from the faucet. Read more about Oras’ water saving touchless faucets here

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