Nurture your body and soul with Oras Esteta Wellfit 13.09.2018 — Lookbook

In today’s fast-paced world – at work, in daily life and in sports – it’s ever more challenging to maintain a healthy balance between body, spirit and soul. We need tools that can us help in living an active lifestyle and keeping fit and healthy.

With Oras Esteta Wellfit you can bring wellness into your private bathroom enabling you to Recover, Reload or Relax as you see fit. Not only that, the unique design of the shower brings a touch of elegance and classic aesthetics to the space, elevating your bathroom to a whole new level. With Oras Esteta Wellfit, you can truly nurture your body and your soul.

In this lookbook we show just how soothing Oras Esteta can make your bathroom – see the pictures and Get inspired!

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