Oras App - an advanced way for adjusting and monitoring Oras electronic faucets 18.09.2017 — For installation

Oras strives to develop innovative solutions to make the work of sanitary installers and building technicians as simple as possible. Oras App is a solution that enables just that - greater efficiency, flexibility and hygiene in monitoring and adjusting electronic faucets in public and semi-public environments. With the new Oras App, it is now possible to quickly adjust the settings of the fitting to altered user requirements and to service them at the touch of a button.

By using the Oras App, the effort and time required for adjusting the various functions of electronic faucets is significantly reduced. With Oras App you can have instant access to product information, adjust, create and transfer settings, have an overview of current faucet settings, as well as document and report the actions made – all this with just your fingertip. Moreover, you can easily follow the water consumption, the remaining battery life, the time until next automatic flush and a calendar feature for automatic flush, amongst other things.

Since the fittings may be adjusted individually, they are more attractive for potential customers in the public, semi-public and Health & Care sector. The Oras App is initially compatible with three models from the Oras Electra line and the new sensory-operated Oras Medipro Touchless variants.

Get the job done with Oras App

One of the guiding principles for Oras is to support their customers in their daily work by providing them with the best tools and products.

“Following our brand cornerstones of Quality, Modernity, Partnership, Ease and Wellbeing it was the logical decision to use the modern technology of an App. Also, we specified that it must be easy and intuitive to use. The App guides the user step by step through all relevant information and settings. All the features selected are based on the feedback and experiences we have gathered with our long-lasting customers,” says Markus Käfer, the project leader of Oras App and product manager for public products.

Keeping up with the digitalization

With Oras App and Bluetooth® enabled electronic faucets, there are now new possibilities for Oras to develop its digital expertise further. This application will only be the first step in the process of providing more advanced and digital services and in the future, various intelligent applications will facilitate the use and maintenance of faucets and showers.

“The digitalisation is going to influence everybody’s life more and more. This trend has also a big influence to installers and industry professionals. Nowadays an access to the Internet is possible at every time, from every place on earth,” Käfer says.

How and where to get it?

The Oras app can be downloaded for free as an iOS version on the App Store and as an Android version on the Google Play Store.

How does it work?

  1. Download the Oras App in iOS version from the App Store or in Android version from the Google Play store.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth wireless connection in your smart phone* or tablet** settings
  3. Open the Oras App
  4. All nearby Bluetooth compatible Oras faucets will be listed automatically - select the desired faucet and connect your phone to it!

More information: apps.oras.com

Available for iPhone 4S and any more recent models

Available iPad 3rd generation and any more recent models


The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Oras Group is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners

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