Oras is participating Suomi 100 Made by Finland -campaign 29.11.2017 — Press release

As Finland turns 100, it is time to celebrate Finnish work and the success stories of it. Oras is part of the Made by Finland campaign, which is a collaboration between the Association for Finnish Work, its members and collaborative organizations. We have been creating and developing Finnish work and our goal is that Finnish work is successful also the next hundred years to come.

Oras was established on 8th May 1945 in the city of Rauma, Finland by Mr. Erkki Paasikivi. Since its founding, the company has focused in high-quality design products featuring user-friendly technical solutions that contribute to savings of water and energy. As early as in the 1990s, Oras introduced the first touchless electronic faucets in the market. A significant part of the company's products is still designed and manufactured in Rauma, where the Group's headquarters is located in addition to the plant.

Oras has always been managed by values, we always operate openly and fairly with efficient and courageous way. As a long-term family owner, it is important to us that Oras has the best experts of the industry and that we are able to motivate them with suitable opportunities and challenges.

We take responsibility also for water usage. Clean, drinkable water is already today a limited natural resource in many parts of the world. We do our share of saving water by continuously introducing new and intelligent water-saving solutions, tells Annika Paasikivi, Vice Chairman of the Board of Oras Group.

Our industry has experienced a lot of changes recently and competition has become even more intense. In this competition, we will be distinguished by staying family owned business also in the future and focusing on doing what we know best. Our mission is to make the use of water easy and sustainable. Today we are the market leader in the Nordic countries and our target is to become a market leader in the Europe, Paasikivi continues.