Oras Medipro – a product family for professional use 04.05.2017 — Health & Care

In addition to the existing large range of touchless faucets, we have launched a completely new product family, Oras Medipro, which is primarily intended for professional use. The special requirements of health care have been taken into account in its design and features right from the beginning. Oras Medipro single-lever faucets were launched last year. Washbasin faucets are available with a disinfection-proof Bidetta shower set. The maximum temperature resistance of the hand shower and the shower hose is +95°C (for short time approximately one minute), so they can be washed in a disinfection washers. The disinfection proof Bidetta set is supplied with quick-release couplings, making it easy to switch the hand shower and the shower hose quickly.

Oras Medipro product family will be complemented soon with touchless washbasin faucets. In a hospital environment, the hygiene and ease of use of a touchless faucet are particularly important. The water starts to flow when hands are placed underneath the faucet. The water flow stops automatically after a pre-set time for the after-flow time. These faucets include new technology, Bluetooth communication, which enables users to read faucet-specific data and adjust the default settings with the smart devices, when necessary.  

Oras Medipro product family has extended with touchless variants

The new touchless Oras Medipro faucets are especially designed for hospitals, medical clinics and nursery homes, which have special demands for water fittings due to strict hygiene guidelines and...

Advanced solutions: Oras introduces a mobile app for the maintenance of electronic faucets

With the new Oras App, it is now possible to quickly adjust the settings of the faucet to altered user requirements and to service them at the touch of a button.