Oras to cooperate with triathlete Kaisa Sali 12.06.2017 — Oras Ltd. — Press release

Oras has made a cooperation agreement with triathlete Kaisa Sali. Oras, who recently renewed their brand, is a pioneer in sanitary fittings. The company’s innovative and sustainable products have been a standard in Finnish homes for decades. The recent cooperation agreement showcases sustainability and the encouragement of an active lifestyle.

During the two-year cooperation, Kaisa Sali will be a brand ambassador specifically for shower products. The main theme for Oras Showers is Wellbeing. Through its products, Oras wants to offer solutions that make peoples’ lives better and increase their wellbeing.

– Oras helps people get more out of their lives. We are present in important moments and in everyday life. At dinners with friends. After a sweaty workout. We clean the signs of a life lived to the fullest. We help people enjoy life and to live more, Oras Brand Manager Maria Kuivamäki says and continues: – This Live More thinking connects us with Kaisa. She’s exactly the right person to take our message forward.

Kaisa Sali is one of Finland’s best endurance athletes and at the top level of her sport globally. Sali has, for instance, won the European Championships, as well as silver and bronze in the World Championships. In October, Sali competes for a top-level medal in the most renowned competition of the sport, Ironman Hawaii.

Sali attributes her success to a joyful and passionate attitude towards life and sports, as well as to finding a balance between exertion and recovery.

– When I set out, I’m already there. For me, the journey is more important than the destination. I take every step with the same passion and with all my heart. The cooperation with Oras comes naturally to me: the most important instrument for athletes is our bodies – and competing at the top level of one of the world’s most demanding sports also sets special demands on body maintenance. Oras also shares an interest in the human body and a wish to increase people’s wellbeing. In fact, it’s at the very core of their products, Kaisa Sali says.


Oras renews product line

Oras is renewing their brand this year. In early 2017, the company launched a refreshed brand identity and a selection of renewed classic products. Later this year, Oras will launch some interesting novelties, e.g. shower solutions for body maintenance and wellbeing, as well as faucets with unique functionality and design.

During 2017, Oras will renew more than a third of their product line.


Additional information:

Maria Kuivamäki, Manager, Marketing and Communications, Oras Brand,

Oras Ltd, tel. +358 50 570 6106, maria.kuivamaki@oras.com