Differences between Oras Shower panels

Oras shower panels are very popular all over the world in public places and they are very easy to install. By using Oras shower panels, up to 50% of the water consumption can be decreased.

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Oras Esteta Wellfit and shower system - installation

Oras Esteta Wellfit is a shower system with a modern and elegant design, featuring hot and cold-water treatment, or contrast water therapy. Despite its advanced features, the installation of this...

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The creation of Oras Esteta Wellfit told by NOA designer Michael Lammel

Developing new Oras products is an intricate and time-consuming process. At Oras, there is no compromise between design and functionality, which can create a challenging and exiting design process.

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Stylish, smart and functional solutions for kitchens

The kitchen is at the heart of every home – a place where people gather and enjoy time together. So it’s natural that consumers demand faucet solutions that combine a stylish look for the kitchen with...

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A choice that can’t go wrong: Hybrid faucets combine the best features of touchless and manually operated faucets

There’s good news for those looking for a faucet which combines the best features and latest technology of modern touchless and manually operated faucets. The new generation of hybrid faucets offers...

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The future of faucets: design and technology

In the Nordics, it is believed that people will move toward faucets offering even more technology-supported benefits in the future.

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Intelligent faucet solutions are part of today’s smart home

Homes digitize rapidly and new kinds of intelligent applications will make it easier to use and maintain home technology. Water is also part of the future of intelligent homes.

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Water is part of an intelligent home of the future

Technology and digitalization are coming to homes in the form of new product features and applications that make professionals’ work easier. Utilizing the latest technology has always been part of the...

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Trends are guiding the design work of sanitary fittings

Oras' products combine timelessness and trends. Megatrends are even reflected in classical products that have been subtly modernized in response to changing preferences and a changing world.

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The trend of functionality comes to the bathrooms

Usefulness, quality and stylish design have for decades made Oras products classics for all kinds of homes. Trends like the now-enhancing functionality also extend to bathrooms and professionals.

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