Added comfort - Touchless faucets with Bidetta hand shower 16.10.2017 — Lookbook

We like things that are easy to use and that makes the comfort in daily life better. In this lookbook you’ll find a selection of our touchless faucets that comes with the versatile Bidetta hand shower. 

With the touchless faucets, you get benefits such as water and energy savings, ease of use and a raised hygiene level. The versatile Bidetta hand shower offers you a convenient way to take care of your personal hygiene, but the hand shower can be used for multiple things, such as: a quick hair wash in the wash basin, filling up a flower vase, cleaning you shoes in the wash basin without making a mess. 

Take a look and see the versatile solutions and Get Inspired!   

Oras Bidetta – a Finnish National Treasure

Back in 1968, a Finnish engineer at Oras got a marvelous idea to develop a hand shower for bathrooms to help people in their everyday life. Now, 50 years later, Oras Bidetta has become a product,...

Looking for a helping hand in the bathroom?

Want to have an easy fix in your bathroom for quickly washing your hair in the wash basin? Or to have easy access to water when you need to fill up tall containers? We have a solution for you!