Do you have the correct type of batteries in your Oras battery-operated faucet? 09.05.2018 — Pro articles

Oras battery-operated faucets require Lithium batteries, which can be recognized by the expressions ‘Lithium’ and ‘FR6’ in the battery package. Alkaline batteries should not be used, as the technical properties arenot suitable for the faucets, and the operational time is very limited. Additionally, please note that you may not use rechargeable batteries for your Oras faucets.

To guide our customers better a new warning label will be affixed to the battery case of selected battery-operated products from May 2018 onwards. The information related to the batteries can always be found also from the installation and maintenance guide of the faucet.

Our battery-operated faucets notify the user when the battery needs to be changed. This can be noticed from red blinking light – we recommend changing the batteries as soon as this warning appears. 

Oras own battery spare part numbers are:


We hope you find this tip useful and that it guides you to use only high-quality Lithium batteries!

If you have any questions related to the installation or service of Oras faucets, please contact our customer service.

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