Eye-catching design and smart technology - Oras touchless faucets 09.11.2017 — Lookbook

Touchless faucets – previously used mainly in public places – are becoming more and more popular in private homes as well. Not only are they hygienic and save water and energy, they’re also user-friendly – and are an easy choice when planning faucet solutions at home. 

Thanks to continuous independent product development Oras is a true pioneer in touchless technology; we’ve been manufacturing them for three decades. Today we are the leading brand in touchless and electronic faucets. Oras is the safe and sure choice for homes that appreciate touchless faucets and world-class Nordic design and engineering.

In this lookbook you can take a peek at  some of our new touchless designs in different settings. For more inspiring pictures, take a look at our previous lookbook about touchless faucets: Touchless faucets for home

Let’s get Touchless

We might as well admit it, we like things that are easy to use. And it’s even better if it’s got a cool gadget feeling to it – with a good-looking design. That’s why we say, “Let’s get Touchless”.

Added comfort - Touchless faucets with Bidetta hand shower

We like things that are easy to use and that makes the comfort in daily life better. In this lookbook you’ll find a selection of our touchless faucets that comes with the versatile Bidetta hand...