Hygiene and safety, combined with top-class ergonomics 27.04.2017 — Health & Care

The Oras Health & Care product category combines hygiene and safety with top-quality ergonomics. The faucet design supports good hygiene and ease of cleaning.  This product category has been divided into two different product groups, Health and Care.

The Oras Health products have been specifically designed for professional use in hospitals and treatment rooms at private clinics and health centers. The faucet features and ergonomics have been optimized in this product category for a very specific purpose. “For instance, a mechanical thermostat faucet, used at washbasins for bathing newborn babies, ensures that the water from the faucet has stable temperature and a continuous flow throughout the bathing,” explains Lahti.

The Oras Care products have been designed for semipublic places (kidergartens, supported living houses etc.), as well as private households, where the residents have a lowered functional capacity for one reason or another.  “In addition to being easy to use and attractive in design, good hygiene, durability and safety are the key criteria in this product group,” says Lahti.

Hospital study: less microbes in touchless faucets compared to lever faucets

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