New Oras Optima kitchen faucets – how to install? 15.04.2018 — For installation

Oras Optima faucet family provides a complete collection of faucets for every possible purpose. For the kitchen, a stylish, yet highly safe hybrid faucet is also now available.

The new Oras Optima kitchen faucet takes its inspiration from the professional kitchen environment. The smart features of Oras Optima make the use of water easy, ecological and safe.


  • The faucet features a clear, digital water temperature display, which warns you by blinking if the water temperature exceeds 42 degrees.
  • The integrated smart dishwasher valve closes automatically after a set amount of time, providing excellent protection against water-related accidents.

Ecological and easy to use

  • The touchless function allows you to wash your hands under the spout hygienically and conveniently.
  • With the two EasyGrip levers, you can quickly get cold or hot water.


Installation of Oras Optima 2728F and 2729F

Installation of new the Optima high spout hybrid faucets 2728F and 2729F is easy! The installation principle is the same as in the existing models 2722F, 2725F and 2727F. Only the spout differs from the existing Oras Optima electronical kitchen faucets.

The installation of the new Optima hybrid models 2738F, 2739F  with side lever differs a little bit from the existing ones. Our R&D Engineer Lauri Nordberg explains how it's done:

“The new fixing system for Oras faucets is designed especially for heavy faucets, follow these steps":

1) Install the bottom o-ring, then 2) fix the faucet.

3) Place the sealing and the spring washer under the table. 4) The large brass nut is easy to tighten by hand and the spring washer avoids nut to open by itself.

5) Tighten two screws to get the faucet firm. Use separate plastic support part 158825 when installing to a thin basin.”

Please see the picture of the installation in the picture carousel.


Click here to download the installation and maintenance guide for the new Oras Optima 2728F and 2729F - hybrid faucets with high, flexible spout.

Click here to download the installation and maintenance guide for the new Oras Optima 2738F and 2739F - manuel faucets with high, flexible spout.


If you have any questions related to the installation of Oras faucets, please contact our customer service.

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