Oras Bluebox – simple, basic structure and easy to install 11.01.2019 — For installation

 Oras Bluebox installation is easy, safe and clean. It is suitable for all sub-surfaces and can be installed in all installation systems and situations.  It is a re-developed standard system for concealed installations, suited for all installation systems. Across all series, the system offers exemplary functions and features that affect and optimize the entire installation process: from the installation set to the function units and all the way to the trim kits. In this tip of the month you can read more about the Oras Bluebox installation. Watch the video:

Oras Bluebox base unit is available with (2081) or without (2080) shut off valves. A complete Oras Bluebox concealed system consists of (see image 2) :

  • Base unit
  • Functioning unit
  • Rosette holder
  • Screws for rosette holder
  • Trim kit

Benefits of Oras Bluebox

  1. Suitable for all surfaces
  2. Bigger variability of installation depth possible: 75-105 mm (see image 3)
    1. Optimum, accurate cutting to length (grooves)
    2. Higher installation safety and flexibility for the installer
  3. Simple installation thanks to screws that ”cannot be lost” (see image 4)
    1. The function unit is securely screwed into the concealed box
  4. Improved ease of installation using 2080 and 2081 (see image 5)
    1. The gap between the outlets and the wall is larger tahm previously
    2. Enables the better insulation
  5. “BLUECLICK” Rosette base (see image 6)
    1. Improved screw-free rosette fixture for all series
    2. Easy fixation through 6 point snap fits
  6. Telescope connector to equalise the installation depth and funtionally safe connection of trim kit diverter with the function unit (see image 7)
    1. Automatically engages in the correct position
  7. Precise installation/simple and fast adjustment of the front panel (trim kit)  +/-3,5° (see image 8)
    1. With 2 axes: “BLUETUNE” alignment option (see image 9)
      1. Standard on all Oras Bluebox trim kits with shut-off valve/diverter
    2. With 1 axis: Oras Bluebox alignment option (see image 10)
      1. Standard on all Oras Bluebox trim kits without shut-off valve/diverter
  8. Support points for marking wall panels and easy cut cover for variable wall thicknesses (see image 11)

The whole range of Oras Bluebox you can find here.

Differences between Oras Shower panels

Oras shower panels are very popular all over the world in public places and they are very easy to install. By using Oras shower panels, up to 50% of the water consumption can be decreased.