Oras electronic remote valve helps to minimize risk of water damage 26.02.2018 — For installation

Do you know that there is an easy way to minimize the risk of water damage? Oras electronic remote valve can be used for both dishwasher or washing machine.

The valve is remote controlled which means that it doesn´t need to be placed directly next to the control unit. The remote valve is easy to install, no need to drill holes to the countertop!

The Oras electronic remote valve consists of a Smart Press Pad, control unit and electronic valve. The benefits:

  • For all kitchen and washbasin faucets with inlet pipes.
  • Can be connected to cold or hot water.
  • Valve’s open duration is preset to 4h. Extended opening hours, 12 hours, are available through a longer press on the Press pad.
  • The remote valve is available in two models, battery operated (3V) or mains operated (230 / 5V).
  • The battery in the Smart Press pad will last approximately 2 years if used once a day.
  • No drilled holes needed in the countertop since the valve is wireless.

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