Oras Medipro product family has extended with touchless variants 23.11.2017 — Pro articles

Oras Medipro product range has extended with eight touchless washbasin faucets, all compatible with the new Oras App.

Oras Medipro touchless washbasin faucets for pre-mixed and cold water:

5520F, 5522F, 5550F and 5552F

Oras Medipro touchless washbasin faucets with mixing valve and temperature control handle:

5521F, 5523F, 5551F and 5553F

The new touchless Oras Medipro faucets are especially designed for hospitals, medical clinics and nursery homes, which have special demands for water fittings due to strict hygiene guidelines and ergonomics. Touchless faucets substantially improve hand hygiene, are easy to use and safe. The electronic function also ensures that water flows only when needed. Thanks to the rounded edges, fewer seams and plastic covered flexible pipes, products are not only hygienic but also easy to keep clean.

Oras Medipro touchless faucets have a laminar flow which helps to decrease the spread of bacteria into the air when water flows from the faucet. Thanks to the automatic flush function (which can be scheduled easily with Oras App) it can be ensured that water left in the faucet does not stand still when the faucet is not in use. All the above-mentioned features further help to maintain a higher level of hygiene in hospital environment.

All Oras Medipro touchless faucets have a Bluetooth® connection as a standard which enables the use of Oras App. With Oras App you can have instant access to product information, adjust the settings, have an overview of current faucet settings as well as document and report the actions made.  Moreover, you can easily follow the remaining battery life, total water consumption, the number of times the faucet has been used and much more.

For more information about Oras App, click here.

Download the Oras App for free:

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Android version on Google Play

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Oras Medipro – a product family for professional use

Oras Medipro product family will be complemented soon with touchless washbasin faucets. In a hospital environment, the hygiene and ease of use of a touchless faucet are particularly important.