Oras Remote dishwasher valve – operation and useful service tips 20.02.2019 — For installation

The Oras electronic remote valve consists of a Smart Press Pad, control unit and electronic valve. The valve is remote controlled which means that it doesn´t need to be placed directly next to the control unit. The remote valve is easy to install, no need to drill holes to the countertop!

The benefits of Oras remote valve:

  • For all kitchen and washbasin faucets with inlet pipes.
  • Can be connected to cold or hot water.
  • The remote valve is available in two models, battery operated (3V) 272100 or mains operated (230 / 5V) 272101 .
  • Components are connected already in the factory. Reconnecting the components is needed only when changing the press pad or control unit.
  • No drilled holes needed in the countertop since the valve is wireless.
  • Valve’s open duration is preset to 4h. Extended opening hours period, 12 hours, is available through a longer (5s)  press on the Press pad (see image 2).
    • Please note that there still might be some wrong information about 3 hours opening period in old manuals.

Tips for sevicing the press pad

  1. Oras remote valve press pad troubleshooting:
    1. Low battery:  the red light flashes and green starts to blink -> change the press pad battery (CR 2450 3V Lithium) as soon as possible
    2. Empty battery: only red light is on and the valve is not opening
  2. Changing the press pad battery (see image 3):
    1. Open the press pad by turning the cover counterclockwise
    2. Take the battery out carefully with very small flat-blade screwdriver, note the right place!
    3. Replace the CR 2450 3V Lithium battery to new one and place the press pad cover back by turning it clockwise
  3. Oras remote valve control unit’s troubleshooting:
    1. Low batter: the green light flashes and red starts to blink -> change the control unit’s battery (2 pcs of AA 1.5V) as soon as possible
    2. Empty battery: the green light  flashes first then the red light flashes two times and the valve is not opening -> change the control unit battery (AA 1.5V Lithium)
  4. Changing the control unit’s battery (see image 4):
    1. Open the cover and remove the plug first and open the screw
    2. Remove the batteries with small screwdriver
    3. Replace the Lithium batteries (2 pcs of AA 1.5V) to new ones and put the cover in place.

See operation, changing the opening hours, reconnecting the components and other service videos of Oras remote valve here

Differences between Oras Shower panels

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