Oras represents innovative health care hygiene 20.04.2017 — Health & Care

Hospital hygiene is part of good modern hospital treatment and health care.

In nursing, hospital hygiene covers all those procedures that aim to decrease the spreading of pathogens during treatment. Hand hygiene is important in preventing the spreading of infections. Good hand hygiene can have a significant impact on the spreading of microbes.

According to the studies, 80 % of microbes spread from one person to another, either through direct contact or indirect contact via touching the same surfaces. By keeping contact surfaces clean, the spreading of pathogens can be hindered significantly. When washing hands at washbasins, this problem can be solved by using touchless faucets.  

Oras has accumulated long-standing knowledge and expertise in the special requirements of health care related water fittings. Users have been taken into account in product design, and the products have been developed in collaboration with hospitals and other experts in the health care sector.

Touchless faucets – the pioneers in hygiene

Oras is a pioneer in the product development of electronic touchless faucets, having launched the first touchless faucets as early as 1989. The product development of touchless faucets originated from the need for hygiene in health care. Public facilities needed solutions that would be easy to use, as well as save water and energy. Touchless faucets are excellent for this purpose, and they have found their place at the washbasins of public facilities. In recent years, electronic faucets have been developed, especially with the needs of households in mind. “Significant technological advances have been made over the years, for instance, in processor and sensor technology,” says product manager Lassi Lahti.