Right usage and installation of Safira summer cottage faucet 21.06.2018 — Pro articles

Oras Safira faucets with water heater, specially designed for summer houses, offer added comfort and luxury to your summer cottage. There are two models available, one for kitchen (1023F) and one for washbasin (1003F). The faucet and the 5 liter water heater come together.

Installing Oras Safira summer cottage faucet is extremely quick and easy. However, when installing or using these faucets, there are certain things to keep in mind.


  • Check the correct installation and application of the connections.
  • Match always the color codes and water flow direction arrows on the connections:
    • Left hand left for DHW outlet
    • Right hand blue for cold water inlet
  • Water heater is only allowed to operate with the original Oras summer house faucet. The faucet and the water heater should not be installed separately.
  • Remember always the correct installation and application of the product by the manual

Download the official installation guide for Oras Safira summer cottage faucet here! 


  • Due to the heating of water, water dripping from the aerator is a feature of this product and should not be prevented. The aerator may not be changed or supplemented with additional components.
  • Range of use +35° – 85°C (recommendation +65°C). Warning! Water heater can heat the water up to +85°C
  • In order to prevent frost damage, the faucet and the water heater must be emptied for winter period.

In case of any questions, our customer service is always happy to help you!

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