Stylish, smart and functional solutions for kitchens 07.05.2018 — Pro articles

The kitchen is at the heart of every home – a place where people gather and enjoy time together. So it’s natural that consumers demand faucet solutions that combine a stylish look for the kitchen with proven functionality for everyday life. Thus, the search for fresh, usable designs is an ongoing trend: stylish and tailored solutions which also make household chores easier, are key factors when choosing a faucet.   

A kitchen faucet is often used many times a day, so it needs to be both easy to use and truly durable. And there are as many patterns of home water consumption as there are consumers. A good faucet must be designed to serve both the daily needs of a family with children and the demands of hosting an elegant dinner party. Oras kitchen faucets are great for customers that seek durability and ease of use but also design with exceptional quality.  

Also supporting this trend is that in the future people will increasingly live smaller in houses and apartments – which means that the kitchen becomes an even more important part of the home; no longer merely a place to prepare food, but a stylish room where guests are welcomed.  

One great example of the diverse Oras product line is Oras Optima, which offers traditional, manually operated faucet solutions as well as touchless versions and modern hybrid faucets. Whether you need a faucet for the kitchen or the bathroom, Oras Optima can provide the perfect solution. Models are available with low or high swivel spouts, and with or without electronic features. The series also offers special, ecological models.    

Oras Signa is a faucet truly inspired by nature. Thanks to its 360 degree visual design, the Signa faucet has a different look from every angle. The Oras Signa series offers a range of faucets – from manually operated single-lever models to hybrid faucets.  

The ALESSI Swan by Oras (will be launched during 2018) kitchen faucet is the newest collaboration between Oras and the world class Italian design house Alessi that’s famous for its iconic creations. ALESSI Swan by Oras represents something never before seen: a design that combines the graceful lines of a swan and Oras’ smart water functions. The faucet is designed by Mario Trimarchi, the Italian designer who is globally known for his ability to see everyday items as sculptures. ALESSI Swan by Oras was inspired by his passion to create an aesthetic innovation. In capturing the honour and nobility of a swan Trimarchi also enabled new ways to use the faucet.  

Uniqueness is a guiding factor in consumers’ behaviour nowadays, but other major themes include ecological awareness – delivering savings in water and energy – and user friendliness. Oras ‘new generation’ faucets clearly have earned their reputation as leading the way in both functionality and impressive, world-class design. 

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