The future of faucets: design and technology 19.02.2018 — For planning

In the Nordics, it is believed that people will move toward faucets offering even more technology-supported benefits in the future.

“Electronic faucets have more features than traditional faucets, and this will increase interest in touchless faucets in the near future, especially when people are more used to touchless faucets now than even just five years ago”, says Oras Norway Technical Support Manager, Snorre Westrum.

“The latest development in Oras touchless faucets is their Bluetooth connection. Together with the Oras App, it can be used to gather information on faucet use, track water consumption and battery life, make changes to factory settings and send reports to email. The app is designed for professionals and public premises”, he continues.

Learn more about Oras App and watch the video

The significance of design and technology will be even more pivotal in the future, especially in households. When choosing a kitchen faucet, for example, its design and styling will be of increasing importance – along with how it will blend with the other high-tech appliances in the home.

User-friendliness is also highly appreciated: products are designed to be easy and safe to use, and both water and energy-saving. A good example of this are the Oras touchless faucets and hybrid faucets equipped with the touchless and traditional single-lever function.

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