Warm water for the summer house 30.05.2017 — Blog

Many summer house owners appreciate having convenient and practical solutions at their summer house such as running water and sewer system, shower, indoor toilet or covered outside kitchen. People spending over 100 days a year at their cottage have usually the highest requirements regarding the summer house facilities.

Oras Safira faucets with water heater, specially designed for summer houses, offer added comfort and luxury to your free time living. Regardless of whether you have a summer house, outside kitchen, barbecue area or garage, as long as there is fixed cold water pipe, with these summer house faucet you can have access to warm and hot water, either for washing your hands or dishes.

There are two models available, one for kitchen (1023F) and one for washbasin (1003F). The faucet and the 5 liter water heater come together. In addition, installing the faucet is extremely quick and easy. 

Right usage and installation of Safira summer cottage faucet

Installing Oras Safira summer cottage faucet is extremely quick and easy. However, when installing or using these faucets, there are certain things to keep in mind.