Developed in close cooperation with healthcare professionals, Oras Health and Care products are optimized to meet the specific needs and demands in different healthcare facilities. The focus is always on hygiene, user-friendliness and ergonomics.

Oras products optimized for hospitals follow a very high standard of hygiene and provide first-rate ergonomics, while Oras Care products are designed to meet the requirements of care facilities such as daycare centres and assisted living facilities. The faucets are durable, practical in design and easy to keep clean - also ideal for homes with special needs. Continuous R&D activities ensure high-quality, long-lasting and timeless Oras products.


How SMART faucets promote hygiene in health and care facilities


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Design lines

Oras Medipro

Oras Medipro is a product family specifically developed for hospitals, medical clinics and nursery homes, and it is designed in close cooperation with healthcare professionals to meet special demands for strict hygiene guidelines and ergonomics. All Oras Medipro faucets have laminar flow, smoot surface and minimized seams for easy cleaning.

  • Touchless Oras Medipro faucets offer an even higher level of hygiene and ergonomics
  • Touchless variants come with Bluetooth® compatibility, enabling easy monitoring and adjusting of faucet settings with Oras App
  • Disinfection-resistant options available within the hand shower and Bidetta shower variants
NEW! Oras Clinica

The Oras Clinica product family is versatile, but still simple to use. Ease of cleaning and ergonomic design make the products ideal for professional use in facilities where the level of hygiene needs to be on excellent level. Soft edges, special handles and nickel free waterways are just few examples of the user focused features and easy-to-clean design. The products also have laminar flow which effectively prevents the spreading of microbes.

  • Optimized for medical clinics and health centers
  • Washbasin faucets optionally come with disinfection-resistant Oras Bidetta shower set
  • Oras Clinica thermostat is now also available as a touchless version with Bluetooth connection
NEW! Oras Care

Oras Care is an attractive product family which supports everyday life with its clever features without compromising in design or safety. It is designed for people with functional limitations to facilitate the daily routines. Product range covers all the needs of semi-public places like nursing homes, houses for supported living, kindergartens as well as private households with small children, elderly or other people with special needs.

  • Safe and ergonomic solutions for semi-public spaces, assisted living facilities and private homes
  • The ergonomic design of Oras Care faucets makes them easy and comfortable to use
  • With their  practical design, faucets can be installed in any modern washbasin

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