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In a hospital environment, the most important properties of faucets are hygiene and usability. Oras Medipro products and touchless faucets combine these with state-of-the-art design and high-quality, durable materials.

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Hygiene and functionality combined

Washing of hands is a crucial factor for good hygiene, since studies show that microbes mainly spread via hands. Uncompromising hand hygiene clearly reduces the number of healthcare-associated infections. It helps prevent infections to patients as well as staff. The first touchless faucets were designed for operating and treatment rooms in hospitals, clinics and health centres. In addition to hygiene, the popularity of touchless faucets has been increased by top-of-the-class ergonomics, user comfort and safety. 

Oras Medipro – a product family for professional use

Oras Medipro is a product family specially designed for hospitals, medical clinics and nursery homes, which have special demands for water fittings due to strict hygiene guidelines and ergonomics. The Oras Medipro product family has also been extended to Bluetooth compatible touchless variants that can be easily  monitored and adjusted using the Oras App. Oras meets high demands for hygiene by providing especially manufactured shower equipment for health and care facilities that are nor harmed by disinfection washers.

Mobile Product Information – quicker access to relevant product data

Oras has taken an effort to answer to the needs of the mobile work of the installers with a mobile solution. The Mobile Product Information (MPI) is offering a handy user interface to differen...

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