Oras Apollo

Showering is a rare moment all to yourself – your daily “me-moment”. Whatever your special style – whether you’re a Singer, a Multi-tasker… or just enjoy the peace and quiet – Oras is dedicated to perfecting your me- moment.

Oras Apollo showers are all about meeting your essential needs and desires. They’re refined to include only what you actually need – the elegantly purposeful.


Spot-on hand shower

The new Oras Apollo hand shower delivers an optimum shower experience and spot-on water feel. The ergonomic design of the hand shower, a modern rail and a separate bracket are features that increase the user-friendliness of the shower. We created the Oras Apollo hand shower with your essential needs in mind. 

A personalized shower experience

A bigger, more comfortable shower head offers the choice of three sprays for a personalized shower experience. Our durable, contemporary design fits all bathroom styles too. And its water conservation feature helps save energy, costs, and the environment. 

Best of Oras Apollo.

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