Oras Bluebox

Oras Bluebox is the new completely re-developed standard system for concealed installations, suited for all installation systems. Across all series, the system offers exemplary functions and features that affect and optimize the entire installation process: from the installation set to the function units and all the way to the trim kits.

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Concealed competence

In Oras Bluebox you can find best technology as standard. This includes features like the ceramic Blueswitch diverter, which means greater convenience for the customer in the form of pressure-independent functionality, clear position, and lasting ease of operation. Details such as the telescope connector enables equalization of the installation depth and functionally sage connection of trim kit diverter with the function unit.  Moreover, as Oras Bluebox is compatible with both single-lever and thermostatic mixers, there is no need to make a decision on the trim kit right away.  The flexibility of installation is further increased with Bluefix-function, which makes it possible to easily mount Oras Bluebox in every wall installation.  

From professionals to professionals

All the features of Oras Bluebox together with the perfect harmonization of all components gives you as the installer maximum assurance during the installation – not to forget economic savings. Safe and flexible installation, reliable functionality, lasting ease of use and – just in case – minimum maintenance and changing costs: Oras Bluebox is a complete package that gets everything right, giving you more time to enjoy other important things in life.