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6111 | Washbasin faucet, 230 V

Oras Electra

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01/2004 01/2019
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Low pressure model. Adapter plug 230 V. Oras 6111 is equipped with a flow controller at 0.1 l/s and a separate litter filter. Factory preset values for the recognition range and afterflow period can be adjusted later. If the photocell is covered for more than 2 minutes, the faucet shuts off automatically. Height of spout 160 mm. Oras Data Terminal can be used to set parameters, collect data and carry out a variety of servicing operations.


  • Aerator Standard aerator
  • Electronic parts Infrared sensor, Power supply
  • Lever/Handle Temperature control handle
  • Mechanical parts Litter filter(s)
  • Special features Reinforced version
  • Spout Fixed spout
  • Color Chrome

Software settings

  • Afterflow period 1 s (0-255 s)
  • Max. flow period 2 min (1 - 255 s)

Flow attributes

  • Flow-rate at 300 kPa (with flow controller) 0.11 l/s

Technical properties

  • Hot water supply max. +70°C
  • Working pressure 100 - 500 kPa


  • Electrical Connection 230 VAC


  • EMC Directive 89/336/EEC
  • Noise class I (ISO 3822)
  • Protection class IP 40

SP6111 Washbasin faucet

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