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3009F | Washbasin faucet with washing machine valve, 3 V

Oras Inspera

Will be discontinued 12/2021
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Single lever washbasin faucet with Bidetta hand shower and Smart press pad. Spout’s swing angle is factory preset at 120° (can be limited to 60°-0°). The function of Smart press pad: The washing machine valve is opened by pressing the Smart press pad and the valve closes automatically after preset period. Washing machine valve closes automatically after 4 or 12 hours (one push opens the valve for 4 hours, pushing for 5 seconds opens the valve for 12 hours).
F = with flexible pipes

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  • Aerator PCA® - constant flow rate regardless of pressure variations, Hidden aerator
  • Connection Flexible inlet pipes
  • Electronic parts Solenoid valve, External control unit, Light indicated function(s), Low battery indicator
  • Extensions Separate electronic press pad
  • Hand shower Bidetta hand shower
  • Lever/Handle Single operating lever/handle, Hot/Cold symbols
  • Mechanical parts ø 40 mm ceramic cartridge for flow and temperature control
  • Shower parts Shower holder, Shower hose (1600 mm)
  • Advanced features 3S-installation system for safe and simple mounting
  • Spout Swivel spout, Swivel range limiting option
  • Color Chrome
  • Temperature Limitation option for maximum temperature and flow-rate
Software settings
  • Dishwasher valve open period 4 h / 12 h
Flow attributes
  • Flow-rate at 300 kPa (with flow controller) 0.1 l/s
  • Pressure loss with flow (0.1 l/s) 170 kPa
Technical properties
  • Connection size G3/8
  • Hot water supply max. +70°C
  • Material Brass
  • Projection 151 mm
  • Working pressure 100 - 1000 kPa
  • Battery AA 1.5 V Lithium x 2, CR 2450 3 V
  • EU Directives 2014/30/EU , 2011/65/EU
  • Noise class I (ISO 3822)
  • Protection class IP 54
Approvals and Declarations
  • STF EUFI29-19004498-TH1
  • KIWA SE 1584
  • UN38.3 UN38-3 Energizer L91

Oras 3S-Installation system

Category: Maintenance, Installation
Difficulty: Professional
Audio: No | Subtitles: No