Oras Medipro

Oras Medipro is a product family especially designed for hospitals, medical clinics and nursery homes, which have special standards for water fittings due to strict hygiene guidelines and ergonomics.


At Oras, we aim to provide the best Health and Care portfolio in the market, based on our core competence as a European leader of advanced sanitary fittings and our extensive experience in the field of Health and Care solutions. Oras meets high demands for hygiene by providing specially manufactured shower equipment for health and care facilities that are made for disinfection washer use.

Long-lasting and hygienic

Reliable product characteristics of Oras Medipro ensure long-lasting operation and comfortable usage that compensates possible functional limitations of the users. The well-being of Oras Medipro users is also taken into account in terms of design: thanks to the rounded edge radius and closed lever shape, these modernly designed products are hygienic, easy to use and keep clean.

Monitor and adjust with Oras App

Oras introduced electronic faucets almost 30 years ago. The world is becoming increasingly digital and electronics can be used in new ways, such as monitoring and adjusting electronic faucets using an app and Bluetooth® connection. The Oras Medipro product family has also been extended to Bluetooth®-compatible touchless variants that can be easily monitored and adjusted using the Oras App.

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