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Oras Optima faucet family provides a complete collection of faucets for every possible purpose; touchless washbasin faucet, single lever washbasin faucet with smart solutions, thermostatic bath and shower faucets, rain showers and kitchen faucets. Oras Optima single-lever washbasin and kitchen faucets are also available with an eco-button that makes saving water and energy easy with increased safety. 

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Use the Oras App to control and customize your faucets

Oras Optima’s touchless faucet variants come with Bluetooth® capabilities, allowing you to configure them at the point of installation. You can use the Oras App to easily and conveniently monitor functionality and usage, including water consumption, battery life and pre-set automatic flushing controls for better hygiene and comfort. And, by giving every user the option to choose their own settings – with the app interface also automatically displaying whichever product is connected to the system – we’ll help you create the ultimate experience.

A convenient hybrid

New Oras Optima kitchen faucet brings professional level features to your kitchen in a stylish package. It has a touchless function as well as EasyGrip handles for hot and cold water. High flexible spout with two sprays makes cooking even more easy and comfortable. The front of the faucet features a clear, digital water temperature display, which warns you by blinking if the water temperature exceeds 42 degrees. The integrated smart dishwasher valve closes automatically after a set amount of time, providing excellent protection against water-related accidents.

Ideal solution

Oras Optima provides our most extensive range for washbasins, including both single-lever and touchless faucets. Coupled with the Smart Bidetta hand shower, taking care of personal hygiene has never been easier. The remote-operated Bidetta hand shower can be used at the touch of its trigger, without the need to open the faucet itself. As a result, the hand shower can be placed away from the washbasin.

Trusted performance

The Oras Optima thermostatic shower faucet is a smart choice for your bathroom. The design pleases the eye, and the rounded shape of the faucet allows the water splashes to run off smoothly, leaving no trace. The accurate thermostat ensures that you never accidentally scald yourself. The temperature limiter can be overridden when needed by using the Easy Grip handle. EcoFlow control integrated into the thermostatic shower faucet limits the flow rate, saving water while also ensuring a sufficient flow for an enjoyable shower.

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