2713FG | Washbasin faucet, 3 V

Oras Optima

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Single lever washbasin faucet with an Easy-Grip lever equipped with an eco-button for limiting water temperature and flow-rate. Thermostatic control unit and remote operated Smart Bidetta. The Easy-Grip lever is pleasant to touch and adjusts both the water flow and temperature. Thermostatic control unit maintains the requested water temperature when using the Smart Bidetta hand shower. The faucet is equipped with flexible pipes.

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  • Connection Flexible inlet pipes
  • Electronic parts Solenoid valve, External control unit, Low battery indicator
  • Hand shower Remote-operated Smart Bidetta
  • Lever/Handle Single operating lever/handle, Easy-Grip surface, Eco feature for water flow, Hot/Cold symbols
  • Mechanical parts ø 40 mm ceramic cartridge for flow and temperature control, Thermostatic cartridge for automatic temperature control
  • Shower parts Shower holder, Shower hose (1500 mm)
  • Advanced features Surfaces in contact with drinking water contain less than 0.3% lead
  • Spout Fixed spout
  • Color Chrome
  • Temperature Limitation option for maximum temperature and flow-rate

Software settings

  • Max. flow period 2 min

Flow attributes

  • Eco-flow at 300 kPa 0.1 l/s
  • Flow-rate at 300 kPa 0.13 l/s
  • Pressure loss with flow (0.1 l/s) 170 kPa

Technical properties

  • Connection size G1/2 / G3/8
  • Hot water supply max. +70°C
  • Material Brass/Plastic
  • Projection 98 mm
  • Working pressure 100 - 1000 kPa


  • Battery AA 1.5 V Lithium x 2, CR 2450 3 V
  • Max. devices connected max. 8


  • EMC Directive 2014/30/EU
  • Noise class I (ISO 3822)
  • Protection class IP 55

Approvals and Declarations

  • STF EUFI29-20002662-TH3
  • KIWA SE 1462
  • UN38.3 UN38-3 Energizer L91