Oras Safira

With a reputation for durability and performance, our Safira faucets have been a respected name in household plumbing for over 40 years. The revised Oras Sarifa updates the design without compromises on usability, price or reliability. Safira offers an exceptionally wide range of choices for both bathroom and kitchen– now in new form, with new design and bigger size options.

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Choose right.

Whatever your range of requirements, top-performing Safira faucets offer just the right solutions – throughout your home.There’s a Safira for every room and need. Oras Safira kitchen faucets are now equipped with ceramic dishwasher valves, which are easy to open and close (90° rotation for ON/OFF).  Furthermore, wash basin faucets are available in two different sizes, standard and XL, and with side lever. The new and improved Oras Safira offers a wide range of durable and versatile faucets, complemented with the Oras Bidetta hand shower.

Save time.

The brand new  3S-Installation system enables faster and easier mounting for the wash basin and kitchen faucets, making the installation of Oras Safira faucets a breeze.  And the time you’ll save on decision making and installing means you’ll have more time for other things – whether it’s enjoying life or growing your business.

Live More.

The time you’ll save on decision making and the pure quality of the product will allow you to focus on the more important things in life. Choose right. Save time. Live More.

Quicker installation with Oras 3S-Installation system

Installers’ work is often done in difficult positions and circumstances. New Oras 3S-Installation system throws that to history by offering a totally new installation solution with an innovative fixing part and a flexible installation key. Quick three step fastening and easy-to-use tools make professionals’ work easier and enable more faucet installations per day.

Best of Oras Safira.

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