Oras Safira 1013 Washbasin faucet with washing machine valve

Washbasin faucet with washing machine valve. Swivel spout and aerator. Spout’s swing angle is factory preset at 120° (can be limited to 40°-80°). Dishwasher valve for cold water. There are also in-built limitation options for water temperature and maximum flow-rate.

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  • EAN code 6414150078767

Flow attributes

  • Flow-rate at 300 kPa 0.2 l/s
  • Pressure loss with flow (0.1 l/s) 75 kPa

Technical properties

  • Connection size G1/2
  • Hot water supply max. +80°C
  • Material brass
  • Projection (mm) 133 mm
  • Working pressure 50 - 1000 kPa


  • Noise class I (ISO 3822)


  • STF VTT-RTH-00090-17
  • KIWA SE 1490


  • Dishwasher valve mechanic utility shut-off valve
  • Flow limitation option for maximum flow-rate
  • Pipe(s) Copper inlet pipe(s)
  • Spout Swivel spout
  • Color Chrome

SP1014 Washbasin faucet with washing machine valve